American Packout provides 24/7, reliable pack-out services nationwidefor when disasters cause significant damage. Our experienced team ensures the safety and preservation of your belongings during the cleanup process.

What is a

For comprehensive cleaning after significant property damage, it is advisable to remove all furniture and items from the affected area. This enables us to perform meticulous, specialized cleaning and also allows for separate cleaning of damaged furniture and personal belongings before restoring everything back to the property.
Below is a list of the extra measures American Packout goes through to ensure of a smooth packout process:

  • Detailed inventory of all collected items.
  • Convenient access to your possessions upon request.
  • Detailed possession forms during transportation.
  • Storage facilities with climate control for optimal preservation.

The ‘Pack’ Process

Be in the know of exactly what is going to happen with your belongings once you schedule our pack out and pack back services for your belongings.

Contact Our Team

It all starts out with that first phone call or message from you to our team, inquiring about our services.

Contact Our Team

We arrive at your destination and begin packing up your belongings, while also taking note of each item to ensure everything is returned back to you.

We Store Them

your belongings to our climate friendly warehouse where they will remain until it is safe to return them back to the property.

Return Belongings

Once it is safe to return, our crew members will return all belongings that were originally loaded into our transport vehicle for you.
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