Frequently Asked Questions

An initial consultation is a one-hour meeting with Janet to discuss your issues of concern. During this meeting, you can ask questions. You will learn what to expect during your case, including the pros and cons of different positions and approaches to resolving the problems you face. To schedule a consultation, please call our office.
Unless you tell someone that you plan to have or have had a consultation with Janet, nobody will know from information shared by our office. Obviously, if you are seen entering or leaving our office, a third party might conclude you have had a consultation. If you do not want anyone to know you are talking to a lawyer, think carefully about what information you share and who you share it with.

This depends on what type of legal matter you want to discuss.

~If you want to discuss child support or spousal maintenance, try to bring your last three paycheck stubs, your tax returns or Forms W-2 for the last three years, as well as the same information for your spouse or opposing party.

~If you want to discuss getting divorced, try to bring a list of all credit card debts in your name, your spouse’s name or both of your names, a list of mortgage or rent payments owed, and a list of the make, model and year of all vehicles owned by you, your spouse or both of you, together with documents showing the monthly payments owed for each vehicle. Also bring along the documents about child support or spousal maintenance.

~If you want to discuss where your child lives or how much time the other parent spends with the child, bring a list of concerns you have about the other parent’s parenting skills, or if you have concerns about the other parent’s behavior due to substance abuse or some type of inappropriate behavior, make a list of those concerns with specific examples you can recall.

~For all consultations, know the dates of birth for your spouse, former spouse, opposing parties and child/children, and the exact date you married and/or divorced if applicable. The consultation is designed for you to learn some basic information about the legal issues involved in your case, and for you and Janet to decide if you wish to work together. During an initial consultation, there is insufficient time to discuss every issue in your case, but having the above information readily available allows time to discuss other things of interest.

Yes. There are circumstances that allow you to request that your spouse or opposing party pay all or a portion of your legal fees, but Janet requires payment of her fees prior to her representing you.
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